Ash`e Opening Reception - October 2010 - International Visions Gallery
Bernard Jarvis,
James Phillips
and artist
Martha Jackson-Jarvis
Dr. Diane Locke,
James Phillips,
and artist
Sylvia Snowden
James Phillips with artists
Serenity Knight, Renee Stout
Victor Ekpuk
James Phillips,
and artists
Rhys Joseph,
Tatiana Nelson Joseph
Jerry Langley, James Phillips
and Gallery Owner
Tim Davis
enjoy a moment
Artist Valerie Maynard and
Shelley Shephard enjoying the exhibit
James Phillips  and artist
Cynthia Sands
Allan Jackson and
Al Smith
Shelley Shephard and
James Phillips
James Phillips, THE ARTIST
Allan Jackson, James Phillips
Marcia McDonald
James Phillips,
Art Historian
Dr. Tritobia Benjamin
and artist Richard Ward
Rosalie Werback
Jettie Phillips (artists mother)  talking with artist
Carol Beane
Artist Michael Platt and
Lynn Sylvester
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James Phillips and Cheryl Mitchell
James Phillips and Cheryl Neil
Jettie Phillips  and
Christine Alestock
Valerie Maynard
Louis Ford

James Phillips and fellow AfriCobra Members stopped in for a visit